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3rd Edition Now Available
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3rd Edition Now Available
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Receive Free Future Editions Of This Text & Software Package
Price: $20 USD
Dr. David Norte, founder of The Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC),
Signal and Power Integrity Institute, has performed research in the
fields of EMC and signal integrity for the past 16 years.  Dr. Norte
earned his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the University
Of Southern California, and also holds MS and BS degrees in
electrical engineering from the University Of Texas.  Dr. Norte has
worked for AT&T Bell Labs, as well as Lucent Technologies, Avaya
Communications, and Ricoh.  During his tenure at these companies,
Dr. Norte performed research and development in the fields of EMC,
signal integrity, and power integrity.  Dr. Norte was also responsible
for the EMC compliance of all of the telecom products developed by
these companies.

Dr. Norte has published several technical papers in IEEE sponsored
journals such as The Journal Of Lightwave Technology, the
Photonics Technology Letters journal, and the International EMC
Symposia conference proceedings.  In addition, Dr. Norte has been
awarded the following 24 United States Patents pertaining to the
fields of EMC, signal integrity, and fiber optic transmission systems.

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                                        United States Patents

7348862         Modular connector with suppression of conducted and radiated

7345889         Method and system for reducing radiated energy emissions in
     computational devices  

6262650         Coil former   

5991423         Planar magnetic continuous-tone transducer  

5963349         Inexpensive single-fiber bidirectional data link  

6247940         Connector having improved high-voltage surge performance  

5943744         Multi-functional clip for vertically stacked multi-layer magnetic

6014235         Optical-loop buffer that enhances the extinction ratio of the buffered

6429370         Self-adhering electromagnetic interference door seal  

5892412         Method of and an apparatus for tunable passive-gain equalization  

5905417         Passive cascaded low-pass and high-pass filter with variable attenuation  

7427904         Ultra-high-frequency notch filter having an inductance set by selecting a
      conductor width  

5936509         Carbon-glass fuse  

6720494         Cabinet gasket providing panel adhesion and electromagnetic
      interference shielding  

6380482         Electromagnetic compatibility sleeve for electrical interconnections  

6933805         High density capacitor filter bank with embedded faraday cage  

7228511         Method and apparatus for designing printed circuit boards to meet
      leakage current requirements  

6997747         Shield for high frequency telecommunications connector  

5877666         Stackable, passively-tunable, cost-reduced inductor  

5914644         Printed-circuit board-mountable ferrite EMI filter  

5861790         Stackable and cost-reduced transformer with embedded EMI filters  

6972967         EMC/ESD mitigation module  

5801597         Printed-circuit board-mountable ferrite EMI filter  

6435916         Electrical power connector for printed circuit boards  
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